Podcast Series: Creating Soundscapes – Episode 3.

Podcast Series: Creating Soundscapes - Episode 3.

Hello There,

welcome to a third episode of the Pod(Vlog)cast of the series Creating Soundscapes. In this episode, a short preview is given of a combination of guitar phrases written for a play, named ‘Vögel’ by Wadhi Mouawad, Info: https://www.theaterbremen.de/de_DE/programm/voegel.1225103

This part zooms in a little bit on the lute part, one of the 4 part combination of guitars used in the play such as: Ud, Bouzouki, Semi akoustic Guitar and also lute. In the play it is viewed as a pilgrimage story of guitar-types of instruments, wandering from the Arabic lute, to the Greek/Irish Bouzouki, to renaissance lute, to Western Guitar and akoustic guitar.

Hope to light up your creativity a bit in how perspectives on music for theater, and in this case, music for a play, with many, many words, can be developed.

In the meanwhile, take care and stay safe #staysafe #stayhealthy

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Luit – Compositie – Podcast Episode 3 – 03.04.2020 from Thoughtrecords on Vimeo.