B) Podcast series: Creating Soundscapes – 2019/2020

Coming up: Episode 4 – August 2020


Episode 3 Out Now!

Dear listener, a while ago, an adventurous idea was beginning to start a series of episodes on how soundscapes are created. As a composer, several perspectives can be given on how a soundscape exists in a piece, a play, a chorography, a filmscore, multi media installations and so on. It is a never ending quest in search to find the right sounds for productions, pieces and artwork.

Therefore, this series is made, to give you – the listener – some small insight of different possibilities and choices one can artistically make as a composer.

There is no set rule on how compositions or in this case soundscapes should be made, but it certainly is worth while to share some information on how certain composition development grows and comes alive. It’s a grateful thing to be given the chance to share this episodes with you. Different media will be looked at and more episodes will follow!

Episode 1 : Music for Contemporary Dance – a piano theme
Episode 2 : Sringquartet for Play – Live recording integrated as live samples
Episode 3 : Music for Play – Pilgrimage of the guitar

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