Podcast: Creating Soundscapes – Episode 1. (Pilot)

Creating Soundscapes – Episode 1. – Pilotversion – Released: 08.07.2019

Hey, this Podcast episode Nr 1. is published as a pilotversion for the series ‘Creating Soundscapes’ . For the time being, because of requests for scores of works for theater, dance or other, this podcast will be an introduction about how soundscapes for plays, film, contemporary dance, installations etc. are developed. While the scores are still under construction, the idea of this podcast-series was created. It might assist a bit already to give some insight. As a part of a series with voiceover, coming up soon, it is intended to light up a way how soundscapes for pieces are developed! Thanks for viewing/listening to this (pilot) podcast. Hope to welcome you on the series!

For any questions, remarks, ideas, suggestions or contact, please send an email to: info@thoughtrecords.com or leave a reaction @ the form below.
Piano Composition 20190123_171334
From the Piece ‘Broos’ – Conny Janssen Danst
Music by: Maartje Teussink
All Rights Reserved ©MSmusicrecordings2019

Podcast: Creating Soundscapes – Episode 1 (pilot) – please don’t mind the audio quality of the music, visit the video for better version of the audio and visual examples.

Info & Episodes-Page:http://thoughtrecords.com/music/podcast-series-creating-soundscapes/


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